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Red Bull Summer Edition cam

Another project with the amazing #RedBull team including #redbullfriends. Social media campaign planning and execution for the 2022 Summer Edition product. Our task was to create a successful social media content on @instagram @tiktok which resonates with users in and outside of Red Bull niche. The  campaign aim was to raise awareness on this limited edition by encouraging customers to enjoy their summer moments, share them through TikTok and participate in our give-away.

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MOME master's degree campaign 

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design was launching a master’s degree programs in English this year. Which was the first international campaign for the university where the goal was to reach the entire region. We created an international campaign strategy for the two master’s degree programs: Photography and Interaction design, while promoting the new master’s degree programs through a targeted communication campaign, especially among undergraduate students from CEEC region. Including all elements: defining campaign narrative, content creation, PPC plan, summarising the flights, inline with SM.

Product launch campaign for Hester's Life

New product launch with content creation, photo, -video shooting, giveaway and influencer involvement. In the first part of the campaign we concentrated on the message that we have created a new product category which is more crunchy than ever. After the well-deserved hype we involved them emotionally as well with a giveaway in which we recall typical childhood moments. Since according to our product positioning this is new product is for the cool kids, it will bring our your inner child while eating it.

Red Bull Pilvaker social and content marketing

Our task was to create and manage the social content strategy.

The first and most deep part of the Red Bull Pilvaker X project was to produce 8 amazing podcast episodes with the performers. Stories for a lifetime. 

Experiencing the 10th Red Bull Pilvaker personally and being part of the team behind it is something to be always remember and to be proud of. 

WISE employer branding campaign

This is how we work together with 

Client find gives the brief - finds us to create strategy for the brief and put together a team - GetBeyond gets shit done. 

First we did a research - we were lucky enough that we had time for quality research amongst wisers and we got to know the context better. And one of the results - that we are the most proud of - was an out of home campaign around Budapest to sell on the opportunities at Wise - it was an honour

Red Bull Balatonátevezés social and content marketing

Event communication strategy for Red Bull. As a first assignment we have created a social media campaign for the event in  which we collaborate with Red Bull "family members" by creating a photo and video shooting.

Alföldi Róbert
#tribute X campaign

Communication strategy and marketing management of the contemporary fashion designer brand ZsigmondDoraMenswear. As a first assignment we have created a social media campaign for the 10th collection of the designer in  which we collaborate with ten remarkable people, who have contributed to the brand’s growth so far, by creating a photographic diary of their stories and their chosen pieces of the collection.

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Koffein Roasters brand management

Brand creation, communication startegy planning and execution for KoffeinRoasters brand, which collect the finest hungarian and italian specialty coffee roasteries on a website. Managing the PR, social media, influencer communication of the coffee webshop.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design social media management

Social media strategy and management - the central social platforms - of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.

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Highlights of Hungary communication

Communication and content management for Highlights of Hungary 2020.

Highlights of Hungary has been building the value-creating community of Hungary as an independent initiative since 2013. We bring good people and good causes together to shape our future together and to make the world a better place for everyone.

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Hester's life podcast

Podcast channel to communicate our brand messages and introduce the woman behind the brand.

Hester's life design collaboration 

Collaboration with Lakatos Ábel ceramics to increases brand value and mix targets.

Cross-brand collaboration to open new, complementary markets and targets. 

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Hester's life summer campaigne

Social media campaign with Hester's life brand ambassadors.

Budapest Urban Games social media 

Social media strategy and sponsorship management for Budapest Urban Games. 

At BUG we organise events with the participation of different sporting communities.

Our whose goal is to utilise and develop the city as a venue for doing sports, an aim that is realized by supporting local sporting communities.

Hester's life brand management

Communication strategy: Social media management, ad management, influencer coordination, campaign implementation

Hester's life PR event

Rooftop PR event organization  with yoga and roundtable discussion for the launch of our #reggelember campaign.

Hester's life xmas
limited edition

Limited edition granola launch communication.


Coordination of an open water swimming contest, that takes place in 3 venues in Hungary.  

Management of the organising team

Management of the comprehensive communication - online, social, PR, influencer, sponsorship. 

@manwiththeumbrella -Social communication

Communication management and personal branding for the mysterious #manwiththeumbrella 

Képernyőfotó 2020-04-30 -
prevention campaign

European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week with MellowFlower Foundation.

In the campaign of 2020 we raised attention to that we are sharing too much useless information with each other, and we refuse to talk about topics that actually have an effect on our lives. Instead of useless small talks, we encouraged poeple to find out more about cervical cancer and HPV.

Highlights of Hungary social media management

Social media and ad management.

Highlights of Hungary has been building the value-creating community of Hungary as an independent initiative since 2013. We bring good people and good causes together to shape our future together and to make the world a better place for everyone.

Képernyőfotó 2020-05-06 -
CSR social media communication

Social media management for #hianyzolanyu mothers day CSR movements executed in the period of and because of COVID 19.

CSR social media communication with

Social media management for Bterv - CSR movements executed in the period of and because of COVID 19.

Ohmydeer Festival

Full communication strategy for Ohmydeer Music Festival. Due to great interest there where more than 10 000 participants. 


MOJO Art Space is a special forum and an ongoing collaboration which enables talented artists, designers and graphic designers to apply their artworks. Through Art Space these artists get the chance to break the limits of design and art and turn the MOJO headphones, speakers  into real art pieces.

MOJO digital communication

Social media management and influencer coordination throughout the year.

Creative collaborations with Hungarian designers, musician, creative professionals, photographers, journalists... and with real insiders.

MOJO spot

Online commercial production for MOJO with well known and acknowledged  insiders. 

ACME online communication

Online communication strategy and execution of ACME brand for Hungarian market.

Event communication The Color Run

Management of comprehensive communication of the Color Run Hero Tour 2019 event.

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